Domaine Comte Abbatucci

Article from 11-06-2006

He’s everywhere at once: with Nicolas Joly in London for a wine tasting, in Montpellier at Vinisud trade fair, on the bottling line because he’s got label or cork problems, at his farmhouse as a group are arriving this evening... yet Jean-Charles Abbatucci – pioneer of bio-dynamism and thus Bio-man for his fellow island winegrowers – is kind enough to greet us in the middle of Easter weekend.

Rather than wine tourism, he prefers to call it agro or farm tourism as here it could never be about growing a single crop, which is at odds with the earth’s true nature, this cosmic being.

Out of the estate’s 100 hectares, there are of course 20 hectares of vines but also clementines, vegetables, olive trees, sheep...

All farmed bio-dynamically. And the concept of a “farm unit” according to Rudolph Steiner takes on its full meaning through the estate’s varied activities: growing crops but also offering places to stay from May to late September: campsite, gîte, farmhouse. “This farm unit could also easily be put into practice within a small area by other colleagues.”

This is Jean-Charles Abbatucci’s gift, who believes mankind should help the planet – which is growing old in its own right, like man – balance out destructive cosmic forces. “But here, in Corsica, we have terrific assets, primitive, unique.”

Hard work it is too! And still more in the pipeline. On the farming front, vineyards are ploughed by horse and plantings will be reduced to 8000 vines per hectare. On the sightseeing front, they’re going to organize vineyard tours at night, so it’s not too hot but above all to heighten your senses, understand nature better and man’s rightful place in it. There’ll be background music during these tours.

It’ll also be an on-going thing. Jean-Charles Abbatucci plans to “play music” to his vines. By instigating a truly experimental MO, he’ll be able to measure the effects of different music on different parcels; with a view to putting on the labels over the next 15 years: wine made from such and such grape variety, from this or that parcel, with such and such music.

Between now and then, you’ll be able to learn all about the Collection wine range, made from 18 rediscovered ancient Corsican grapes planted by Jean-Charles Abbatucci’s father from 1963 to 1976. They’ll be named in honour of the family’s various grandparents “as we feel their presence here along with the earth’s.” One Jean-Charles Abbatucci, for example, was a hero of the Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.



Domaine Comte Abbatucci
Comte Jean-Charles Abbatucci
Tel : + 33 04 95 74 04 55
Fax : + 33 04 95 74 26 39
Chiesale (on the D 757 road)
20140 Casalabriva



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