Comic Strip gives wine a shot in the arm in Asia

Article from 29-06-2006

Episode 1 - Sataké attacks saki

He thwarts conspiracy. He solves murder cases. He’s a seducer. He’s Japanese. So far so good... A hero – in comics – just like any other? He’s actually a sommelier. Skilful enough to guess where any wine comes from and its vintage.

A peerless wine waiter envied by his peers, who travels around Europe’s vineyards in search of a perfect wine that his mother made him try.

Joe Sataké has been such a hit in Japan that saki sales have dropped in favour of wine. Especially with the ladies.

The second edition of the saga has just come out in France (‘Le Sommelier chez Glénat,’ wine waiter at Glenats).


Episode 2 – Burgundy wines in Korea

The news comes from Myong Joo Im, the Burgundy wine trade’s correspondent in Seoul (South Korea). The Manga comic called ‘Divine Droplets’ has driven Koreans into wine bars. They go there to try the wines portrayed in all nine issues of the series.

The story? A son’s first trip to discover the wine world to solve a series of riddles his father left behind after he died. Two thirds of them are about the wines of Burgundy.

The English translation isn’t available (yet).

Final (pointless?) comment: the people behind these two mangas are Japanese.



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