July and August in the Loire Valley

Article from 06-07-2006

From 12th July to 18th August 2006 - 25 evenings of wine and entertainment in the TOURS area

From mid-July to mid-August, winegrowers in the AOC Touraine area are organizing 25 soirées in the vineyards; an open invitation to discover all about what they do in their vineyards and cellars and to get to know the region’s wines better.

The procedure is just as simple as effective: once you’ve signed up for free at the Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher tourist office, visitors are welcomed by the winegrower from 5.30pm onwards.
The evening kicks off with a stroll in the vineyard to discover the viticultural landscape, terrain and sites, grape varieties and how the growers tend their vines.
In the cellar, they’ll then talk about how to make white wine, rosé, red and elegant fizz.
And finally this get-together concludes with a tasting of Touraine wines along with local culinary highlights.

Info and free booking:

Office de Tourisme Val de Cher Saint-Aignan
60 rue Constant Ragot, 41110 Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher
Tel: 02 54 75 22 85 / Fax : 02 54 75 50 26

Evening programs:

* 12 July: Domaine Jean-Marc Biet, Seigy
* 15 July: Caves Monmousseau, Montrichard
* 18 July: Domaine des Sablons, Pouillé
* 19 July: Domaine du Vieil Orme, Saint-Julien de Chédon
* 20 July: Château de Quinçay, Meusnes
* 21 July: Domaine de la Chapinière, Chateauvieux
* 24 July: Francis Jourdain, Lye (Indre), Touraine and Valençay appellation areas
* 25 July: Domaine de la Girardière, Patrick Léger, Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher
* 26 July: Domaine du Coteau, Bruno Bigot, Monthou-sur-Bièvre
* 26 July: Domaine de la Herpinière, Christophe Verronneau, Vallères (Indre-et-Loire), Touraine and Touraine-Azay-le-Rideau appellation areas
* 27 July: Domaine Sauvête, Monthou-sur-Cher
* 28 July: Caves du Père Auguste, Civray de Touraine
* 29 July: Domaine de la Renaudie, Mareuil-sur-Cher
* 31 July: Domaine du Bien Vivre, Saint-Romain sur Cher
* 31 July: Domaine des Pierrettes, Rilly-sur-Loire
* 1 August: Franck Janvier, Thésée
* 2 August: Domaine des Roy, Pontlevoy
* 3 August: Domaine du Chapitre, Maryline and François Desloges, Saint-Romain-sur-Cher
* 3 August: Château de l’Aulée, Azay-le-Rideau (Indre-et-Loire), Touraine and Touraine-Azay-le-Rideau appellation areas
* 4 August: Domaine de la Bergeonnière, Saint-Romain-sur-Cher
* 9 August: Domaine du Vieux Pressoir, Joël Lecoffre, Rilly-sur-Loire
* 11 August: Domaine de la Rablais, Antoine Simoneau, Saint-Georges-sur-Cher
* 12 August: Domaine de la Doltière, Alain Barras, Châteauvieux
* 14 August: Château des Couldraies, Saint-Georges-sur-Cher
* 18 August: Les Vignerons des Coteaux Romanais, Saint-Romain-sur-Cher

Saturday 22nd July 2006 – Red Wine Day at the INSTITUT DE DEGUSTATION (Tasting Institute) in Tours

From 10am at the Tasting Institute, those taking part will find out, to start with, all about grape varieties, vineyard terrain and sites and vintages, basic wine tasting skills (what to look for and wine vocab) and comparative tastings.
The day will continue at a winegrower’s place with a meal in the cellar including tips on wine and food matching. Finally it’s rounded off with guided winery visits allowing you to find out more about the different winemaking steps and make the most of tasting young wines and older vintages.

Info: Christophe Prouteau
Tel: 02 47 05 73 32
Email : cqfdgustation@free.fr
‘Institut de Dégustation’
45 rue Bernard Palissy
37 000 Tours
Cost: 120 €uros

Wednesday 12th July 2006 and Wed. 9th August 2006


At the mouth of the Vienne and Loire rivers, in Candes-Saint-Martin, one of the “most beautiful villages in France”, the Amarante, a lovely Loire sailing ship, invites you onboard for a themed cruise: Loire valley wines and the region’s goats cheeses. Patrick Corbineau, a winegrower from Candes-Saint-Martin, will introduce his Touraine wines from the Seuilly area.

Weds. 12 July and 9 August from 7.30 to 10.30 pm
02 47 95 80 85 or 06 33 34 57 16
Price: 25 Euros inc. VAT, must book in advance.

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