July in the vineyard and winery


The vine

Fruit-set lasts until mid-July. The vine continues to grow up until véraison or color-set (the first stage in ripening).
It’s all about improving quality; trimming, removing leaves from the vine’s east-facing side, getting rid of potential superfluous bunches (“green harvest”)…

Work on the ground.

Shoot tying, trellising (the young shoots are separated from each other on wires held up by posts, and fed between two supporting wires to achieve an evenly lined up canopy).

Continuing treatments against pests (oidium or powdery mildew, (downy) mildew, parasites...) if necessary…
Shoot removal to prevent sap being wasted on unwanted wood growth.

In the winery

Keeping an eye on the wines, barrels and premises in terms of hygiene and possible faults.
Watching the cellar temperature (no more than 10 to 12 degrees).
Avoiding any contact with the wine.

On the calendar

Dry and sunny mid-July, makes wine like water.
Get your barrels ready, if it’s nice in July.
Sunny July, fill the cellar and storeroom.




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