June in the vineyard

Among the vines

The vine itself

It’s flowering time: tiny bunches of flowers appear (earlier in the warmer regions).
Followed by fruit-set (turning from flower to fruit, from mid-June to mid-July): tiny green berries are formed (the grape is "set").
This is when the quantity and evenness of the harvest are determined. If the flowers fall off without turning into fruit – which is called coulure or failed flowering (due to bad weather) – it’ll affect the amount of grapes produced.

Tasks in the vineyard

Tilling to get rid of weeds and breaking up the soil.
Further bud removal to prevent sap being wasted on unwanted wood growth.
Treatments against pests (oidium or powdery mildew, (downy) mildew, parasites...) if necessary…
Trellising and tying on wires.

In the winery

Keeping an eye on the wines, barrels and premises in terms of hygiene and possible faults.
Watching the cellar temperature (no more than 10 to 12 degrees).
Last bottling of wines for early drinking.

On the calendar


If it rains on Saint Cyr’s day, the wine goes downhill to the last drop.
If it rains the day before Saint Pierre, it goes down by a third.
Rain on Saint Jean’s takes the wine away, but doesn’t give us any bread.

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