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THIERRY VALLIER was born on 17th December 1966 in Casablanca, into a fragrant and colourful oriental universe. His grandparents used to cook, his brother’s a chef; tastes and flavours are very real sensory bearings for him.

After a two year world tour, useful for discovering new people and food, which he returned from with stories about eccentric collectors, he set himself up in Paris then London working for several publications. One of his French mates, a London chef, showed him how to cook “contemporary cuisine,” mixing different culinary styles with pizzazz.

Marseille evoked childhood memories of Morocco: sun, sea, seafood and shellfish! But sun isn’t everything – not inspiring enough! So Thierry went back to a more favourable environment for stimulating his taste buds and visual flair. Three years in Lyon, he’s been pacing up and down the Rhône-Alps region in search of vineyards and everything that singles out this terrain. His photos have been reproduced in a book on all the Rhône-Alps AOC areas, to be published by Glénat in September 2006. They bear witness to legendary meetings with AOC wine producers and other great names: Chapoutier’s Ermitage 1997, 2003s from la Syrare and Domaine Gallety, Alain Paret’s Saint-Joseph 420 Nuits, Clairette de Die whose reputation is being re-established; Cuilleron, Gaillard and Villard’s Vienne wines, Renardat-Flache’s Cerdon, Clape’s Cornas and Daniel Mondon’s hush-hush wines from the Loire ‘department’.

Plus his portraits of great chefs - Michel Troisgros, Philippe Jousse at Chapel, Gilles Etéocle in the Loire ‘department’, Nicolas Le Bec in Lyon – and the atmosphere in traditional or experimental kitchens, show just how they really are places for research and trying things out, brought alive by enthusiasm and the most demanding standards of taste.

Keen to share this winemaking knowledge and the best wine producers’ secrets, he’s found the opportunity to continue his search and do it justice alongside André Deyrieux, with his photos going back in time of the painstaking work needed to create new wines.

Régis Cailleau

A journalist specializing in wine for the past 15 years, born in Tours but Parisian at heart, he settled in Marseille 6 years ago. To be based in the heart of the vineyards of southern France, which he travelled around for many years on behalf of numerous French and overseas magazines. He was editor of Cuisine et Vins de France magazine for 8 years. He now writes regularly for the following: Régal, Terre de Vins, la Revue Viticole Internationale, Flavours From France.

YVES-ERIC REMY was born on 7th May 1944 in Gevrey-Chambertin, in the Côte d’Or into a typically Burgundian, staunch family wine company. After studying Law and a rewarding experience in the corridors of power as press secretary for members of parliament and ministers, this son, grandson and great-grandson of top Burgundy estate owners and producers, in particular the illustrious Chambertin, devoted himself early on exclusively to journalism. A profession he would carry out in many guises (written word, radio and television) in France as well as abroad (Brussels, Rome, Rio de Janeiro…), that would take him around the planet across all latitudes and to the most far flung places – visited more than 120 countries adding the finishing touches to his extensive global travel notes, made up of lengthy reports mostly on travel, food and wine – on behalf of Evasion-Magazine International, the monthly magazine he founded and for which he acts as Editorial Director, and – among other publications dedicated to tourism and travel – Le Nouveau Guide Gault-Milau, Partir, Atlas, Géo…

In 1987, back on ‘home turf’, he married his childhood sweetheart Rolande, born in Meursault, celebrated the birth of Julie-Amalie in Beaune, who remains his one and only daughter, and once again launched himself into a thrilling new press venture in a hands-on role, with his wife and thanks to his father-in-law’s support – estate owner in Montrachet and of Château de Puligny-Montrachet - by taking over a local family paper called Le Journal de Beaune. He gave it a make-over by introducing a fresh editorial direction and writing style, and transformed it, under the heading ‘Les Nouvelles de Bourgogne’ (Burgundy News), into a benchmark regional weekly, which he would head up against all the odds right up to its irrevocable twilight brought about by paper eating publishing cartels with nasty single-minded appetite.

This insatiable long-distance traveller, knowledgeable about all things vines and wines, now has a different outlook on life, along with his wife and daughter, sharing his time coming and going between Burgundy (his birthplace) and Tuscany (his adopted home); historic cultural regions blessed by god and so close in many ways, where he writes for various publications faithfully devoting the rest of his days to their spiritual twins, Burgundy and Chianti…

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